Why family therapy ?

There are many challenges that can disrupt family dynamics: bereavement, illness, mental health issues, behavioral problems, etc. Whatever the nature of these difficulties, the family system can be affected. Intervention with the family is aimed at all members of the relational system in order to allow each one to blossom and to find pleasure in living together. The sessions take place on neutral ground, which allows each person to express their emotions and share their perceptions. 
The intervention addresses the challenges related to the life cycle; birth of children, redefinition of each person's roles, parental coherence, maintenance of a "couple" space. Therapeutic work with couples allows them to take a step back and work towards a new balance while respecting the needs of each. 
Family therapy is for all types of families: single-parent, polyamorous, blended, extended (e.g. grandparents) or nuclear family.  

Some reasons families may seek therapy: 

    -Parent-child conflicts 
    -Conflicts in the context of a blended family 
    -Rivalry or conflicts in siblings 
    -Marital difficulties 
    -Illness or bereavement 


What are your fees and payment options?   

For more information about pricing and to determine if therapy is right for you, contact me to arrange a free 15-minute consultation by phone.  For clients with limited resources, I offer some rates based on salary. 

I encourage clients to consider the cost of therapy as an investment in their personal health and in the quality of their relationships, both valuable assets that are priceless. 
What is your availability and how can I make an appointment? 
My current availability is Monday and Tuesday mornings. You can make an appointment by email. If you have questions about my approach to psychotherapy, I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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